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Our minimum order quantity depends on the following factors:

  • The fiber content of the fabric
  • The construction of the fabric
  • The weight of the fabric

We typically carry in stock, fiber contents such as cotton, polyester, bamboo rayon, nylon and Micromodal. For fabrics made of these contents, the minimum order quantity will range between 250 meters (275 yards) per colour to as much as 800 meters (900 yards) depending on the weight of the fabric. The lighter a fabric is, the higher its MOQ may be.

For other fiber contents that we may not typically carry in stock, the MOQs may be higher as we have to source the raw material specifically for your needs.

Typically, we are able to produce custom fabric within 6 weeks but there are many factors that would influence this, such as quantity, colour approvals, raw material availability and our production capacity.

Roopa does not typically stock fabric, however we tend to have a variety of small batch available fabrics in our warehouse and we can facilitate communicating availability to you based on your requirements.

Please feel free to purchase a sample pack here. Due to a high volume of inquiries, we do ask that you review our MOQ’s above before inquiring about samples and production.

All custom production is subject to a 50% deposit with 50% due prior to shipment of your production.


Our minimum order quantity is based on the body style (ie: hoodie, t-shirt, etc) that you want to make and the fabric you want to make it with, but in general all Fleece and French Terry based styles require an MOQ of 300-500 units per body style. All Jersey, Interlock and Thermal styles require an MOQ of 500-800 units per body style.

As a general rule, you can split these MOQ’s into 1-3 colours, depending on the body style and fabric selections, as well as the number of styles you produce.

Every production is different and requires unique solutions. We will communicate timelines based on our capacity and your requirements in the exploration process but in general you can expect full production from 12-18 weeks.

We offer a full package solution that includes pattern making, grading and full sampling capabilities, including print and embroidery sampling.

Pattern development: $150 - $200 / style. Note: Patterns remain property of Roopa Knitting Mills, to be used in your bulk production. We do not sell or distribute our patterns.

Prototype sample: $150 - $200 / sample. Note: The prototype sample can be made with the actual fabric quality, but in an available colour.

Development fee: $300 / style. Note: This fee is reimbursed when you produce a bulk order of the style.

The general rule for sampling timelines is 2-4 weeks depending on our capacity and your product requirements. Our team will communicate the timelines with you in the sample development process.

We offer full package production from pattern development to packaged goods and we are able to facilitate all printing/embroidery and embellishment services on your custom production.

Roopa will ship with the most economical and time efficient shipping depending on the size of your order. We will work with you to facilitate the best shipping solution for your production. Please feel free to include your preferred courier and account # if you would like us to ship your order on your account.

All custom production is subject to a 50% deposit with 50% due prior to shipment of your production.

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