Roopa's fabric production process demonstrates our dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Every fiber selected, every technique applied, and every finish perfected is executed to ensure our fabrics set the standard for standout quality.



In partnership with global leaders in fiber and yarn manufacturing, we select only the highest-quality materials as the foundation for our finished fabrics.

Our fiber options include:

  • Cotton (open end, ring spun, organic, recycled, Supima)
  • Polyester (Including recycled and specialized functional types)
  • Nylon (Including Supplex®, Tactel®, and Meryl®)
  • Bamboo Rayon
  • Viscose aka Rayon (Including EcoVero®)
  • Lyocell (Including Tencel®, Refibra Tencel®)
  • Modal® / MicroModal®
  • Hemp (Blended with Organic Cotton)
  • Lycra® (Spandex)
  • Wool Blends
  • Acrylic


With top-tier circular knitting machinery from leading brands worldwide, our commitment to quality is evident in every stitch. From fleece and French terry to jersey and rib, Roopa's array of meticulously crafted fabrics is diverse, meeting the demands of various applications.

Our crafted fabrics include:

  • Fleece (2 end and 3 end)
  • French Terry (Various Types)
  • Waffle / Thermal
  • Interlock
  • Pique
  • Rib (1x1 and 2x1)
  • Jersey (Single and Double Knit)
  • Ponti di Roma (PDR)
  • Herringbone
  • Mesh


Dyeing and finishing at Roopa is executed with careful attention to quality and sustainability. Utilizing high-grade, environmentally responsible dyes and chemicals, each product is safe and kind to our planet. With the capability to custom dye and offer a variety of finishes, our fabrics are designed to not just meet, but exceed your expectations.

Our finishing touches include:

  • Napping (Raising)
  • Emerizing (Sueding)
  • Compacting (Various Widths)
  • Washing and Tumble Drying
  • Specialty Chemical Treatments (Including Moisture Wicking, Anti-Odor, UPF, and more)
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